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This Sub-Award honors the best supplement for an existing Independent RPG. It is judged on the same standards as the Indie Game of the Year, but applies to game supplements rather than games themselves. This can include additional rules, setting information, or anything that enhances an existing game. The supplement may be for purchase or free.

THE Indie Supplement of the Year FOR 2015 IS...

Fiasco Playset Anthology by Bully Pulpit Games / with 52 points

The Fiasco Playset Anthology is just exactly what I want in a supplement - extension and expansion of the base game in a way that amplifies its best parts.

So I really like more Fiasco and this is so very well done.

Its fiasco, 'nuff said.



Yoon-Suin by David McGrogan / with 26 points

Yoon-Suin brings an amazing aesthetic, both exotic and whimsical, to your table.

Essential to any game featuring orientalist themes

The Last Days of Anglekite by Brendan G. Conway / with 22 points

Brings mad, beautiful ideas to Dungeon World in a beautiful fit of twisted fantasy apocalypses colliding.

Peril on the Purple Planet by Harley Stroh / with 22 points

I liked this a hell of a lot.

Another fun DCC joint.

Age of Arthur/Time of the Wolves by Paul Mitchener and Graham Spearing / with 16 points

Merchanters And Stationers by clash bowley / with 11 points

Fire on the Velvet Horizon by Patrick Stuart/Scrap Princess / with 9 points

A wonderfully strange addition to my shelf of manuals and folios with monsters and fiends.

A work of art, incredibly inspiring

No Soul Left Behind by Caleb Stokes / with 9 points

A demon gives you superpowers. How could you not want to play this?

Description Cards: Storytellers Deck by Mark Scott (others) / with 8 points

great for authors and world builders as well as those tricky NPC interactions. \n\nNot every GM needs these but they will liven up your stories.

Wizard-Spawned Insanities by Johnstone Metzger & Nathan Jones / with 8 points

Wizard-Spawned Insanities is just exactly what it sounds like - pure awesome.

Great supplement.