This is a unique and very subjective Sub-Award. It goes to the designer who displayed the best support of their 2008 published game or supplement. This could be through the creation of forums or mailing lists about their game, their response times to questions about their games, the designer's use of marketing to get the word out about their game, the organization of the game's website, and of course support materials like free downloads, rules, starter kits, materials, adventures and supplements.

THE Best Support FOR 2013 IS...

Hillfolk by Robin Laws / with 36 points

A whole host of settings for the Drama system are available in the Blood on the Snow supplement and the monthly series pitches. A publisher that cares for and supports their games. Brilliant.



Torchbearer by Thor Olavsrud and Luke Crane / with 27 points

Great support from BWHQ. If you get one of their games then you know you'll get access to a community and forums that deliver.

The Torchbearer card deck is a great supplement. The way cards are used to track sources and durations of light is brilliant.

Licenses for Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers and Sagas. Gorgeous game cards. New classes while the Kickstarter was still going on! And great forums.

Mighty Armies: Army Lists for the Age of Magic by Scott “Rudy” Nelson and Andrew Lucas With Michael Renegar / with 10 points

EPOCH (Experimental Paradigm of Cinematic Horror) by Dale Elvy / with 9 points

Small but active. EPOCH is well supported and offers a range of materials to help you with your games. A great example of how it can be done.

EPOCH: War Stories by Marcus Bone, Dale Elvy, Liam Jones, Andrew Millar, Michael Sands / with 8 points

The Sundered Land by D. Vincent Baker / with 6 points

Online play is really interesting to watch.