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This Sub-Award goes to the designer who makes not only excellent games of rules and settings, but makes excellent games that are imminently readable and catchy to the eye. It could be through primarily layout and desktop publishing skills, followed by the use of art (not necessarily the best art, just art used to maximize the effect of the layout), innovative or creative new methods of game layout, clarity and readability of the text, materials used in the construction of the game, or, in the case of PDF games, the most effective use of all the features of PDF publishing. This award goes to the game or supplement that shows off the best "Mad Graphical Design and Layout Skillz".

THE Best Production FOR 2016 IS...

Blades in the Dark by John Harper / with 23 points

Beautiful art and layout

John Harper's layout is beautiful, making the game seem more simple than it really is.



#Feminism: A Nano-Game Anthology by Edited by Misha Bushyager, Lizzie Stark, and Anna Westerling / with 21 points

The layout brings all the games together and makes it very accessible and enjoyable.

Maze of the Blue Medusa by Zak Sabbath and Patrick Stuart / with 11 points

Godbound: A Game of Divine Heroes by Kevin Crawford / with 10 points

War Birds by Moyra Turkington, Ann Kirstine Eriksen, Kira Magrann, Shoshana Kessock, Wendy Gorman / with 8 points

The Skeletons by Jason Morningstar / with 6 points