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This Sub-Award is awarded to the game that stretches the RPG experience in new ways. It may be a particular innovative mechanic that has never been used in other games (or never been used as well as previous games), or it changes the dynamics of a regular game group (the standard 3-6 players and one gamemaster). Or, it might even turn the concept of "RPG" on its ear. Innovation and exploration is what this Sub-Award honors.

THE Most Innovative Game FOR 2016 IS...

#Feminism: A Nano-Game Anthology by Edited by Misha Bushyager, Lizzie Stark, and Anna Westerling / with 23 points



The Beast by Aleksandra Sontowska, Kamil Węgrzynowicz / with 20 points

The Skeletons by Jason Morningstar / with 14 points

War Birds by Moyra Turkington, Ann Kirstine Eriksen, Kira Magrann, Shoshana Kessock, Wendy Gorman / with 11 points

Masks of the Mummy Kings by Nathan D. Paoletta / with 8 points