This is a unique and very subjective Sub-Award. It goes to the designer who displayed the best support of their 2008 published game or supplement. This could be through the creation of forums or mailing lists about their game, their response times to questions about their games, the designer's use of marketing to get the word out about their game, the organization of the game's website, and of course support materials like free downloads, rules, starter kits, materials, adventures and supplements.

THE Best Support FOR 2017 IS...

Timewatch by Kevin Kulp, John Adamus, Heather Albano, Kennon Bauman, Matthew Breen, Dave Chalker, Kenneth Hite, Christopher Lackey, Cindy Maka, Belton Myers, Michael Rees, Corey Reid, Paul Stefko, Jeff Yaus / with 25 points



The Watch by Anna Kreider, Andrew Medeiros / with 10 points

Juntu's Frozen Ice Hell by Jason Morningstar, Marshall Miller / with 8 points

Alas for the Awful Sea by Hayley Gordon, Vee Hendro / with 7 points

Itras By: The Menagerie by Ole Peder Giaver et al. / with 7 points

Threadbare RPG by Stephanie Bryant / with 6 points