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This Year's Registered Games

This page will be updated once a week (usually on the weekend) with the latest registered games submitted that week.

In order of submission:

Portal Rats
Tore Nielsen, Neal Stidham

Based on the popular The Black Hack, Portal Rats is a standalone game of planar adventure. Create weird denizens of the multiverse, face down an expanded range of interdimensional adversaries, and work your way up from being just another "portal rat" - the nobodies of the planes, capable of anything.

$5.00 PDF
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Velvet Glove
Sarah Richardson

It's the '70s. High school's a drag, and your parents are worse. There are skeezeballs that catcall you on the street, and teachers who wouldn't know cool if it slapped them. You live in a crummy neighborhood, and all the excitement seems to be happening somewhere--anywhere--else. What's a girl to do to get a little money and have some fun?

Welcome to the gang. Your girls have your back. There's drugs to be used, crime to be done, and sex to be had--if you're willing to pay the price.

Get real high... and open your mind to the universe.
Hotwire a car... and cruise the streets in style.
Bring the pain... and hurt them before they hurt you.
State your message... and let no man silence you.
We've got a place for you, right now, in this gang.

Can you dig it?

Velvet Glove is a PbtA tabletop role-playing game where you play a teenage girl in a gang on the streets of 1970's America. Take exploitation movies like Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! and Switchblade Sisters, plus a little exploration of coming-of-age movies like The Outsiders, add in a gender twist, and you get Velvet Glove.

$5 PDF
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No Boundaries
Marc Hobbs

The printed word is dead and everybody knows it. But that won't stop the bigwigs at Corporate from trying to salvage their investments and keep the shareholders from jumping ship. "We'll turn this thing around in twelve months!" they boasted in the latest earnings report.

It's all bullshit.The writing is on the wall, no pun intended.

We, the workers at Boundaries Books & Cafe, know we probably won't have jobs a year from now. For some of us that would be no big deal. For others it's the end of an era, a change nobody wanted and no one is ready for. How will each of us get through this last chaotic year at the bookstore?

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The Imposters
Josh T. Jordan, Alex Carlson, Banana Chan, Todd Crapper, Tim Hutchings, James Mullen, Nick Wedig

Are you an imposter?

We are. Not imposters in a pod-people way, although that would be cool. We struggle with Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome: the fear of being discovered as a fake expert and the inability to convince oneself of one's talent and success, despite evidence of high achievement.

This book is our conspiracy against Imposter Syndrome. We've assembled an anthology of seven new and award-winning roleplaying games. Each game is by a different designer who struggles with feeling like a phony. Each game is conspiracy-themed. Each game is amazing.

This book contains new games by young designers you may not have heard of yet. It also contains revised versions of games that have won the Golden Cobra, a game that won the 200 Word RPG Challenge, and a game by the former head of Game Chef.

A paranoid Youtube larp. A partially encrypted psychogeography experiment. A supernatural mystery set at an FBI agent's funeral. Seven amazing conspiracy RPGs. Take that, Imposter Syndrome!

$25.00 Hardcopy, $8.00 PDF
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Kyle Weems

A game about the punching dead (and punching the dead) by Kyle Weems

Deadpuncher is a combat-focused tabletop RPG currently in an early access playtesting phase.

Liminal Shadows

The world of Deadpuncher is much like ours, with the crucial difference that hidden among humanity are the living dead: vampire aristocrats, zombie hordes, and more. The shadowy societies they are part of and the truth of their existence are collectively known as the Liminal Shadows.

The protagonists play either the dead or those among the living who know the truth, from one of ten different archetypes including the Shadowed, the Sacred, Dullahan, and Zombies. Capable fighters that happen to also be billionaires or necromancers, these protagonists either fight to keep the dead hordes in check, to further their own agendas, or to keep even darker creatures at bay.

For the dead are only at the threshold of the world's problems. Hell, a vast hostile realm of hundreds of layers that exist somewhere beyond and below the Earth, is looking to add our world to its collection of swallowed realms. Demon princes and armies seek to slip out through the cracks and break down society and the world itself to accomplish their goals.

High Energy Combat

The combat engine that is the major focus and largest feature of Deadpuncher is determinative, not random, with a focus on speed, tactics, and risk. Players play maneuvers against one another from 17 different fighting styles from Boxing to Tiger Style Kung Fu to Ghost Flame Style, attempting to beat their foe's action with their own to apply consequences such as status effects, injuries, and increase pools of risk that can be turned into even more dangerous injuries and death by special finisher moves. Combatants must balance their growing levels of risk with accumulated injuries, attempting to predict their opponent's next move while planning their own.

$4.99 PDF
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Karma: A Roleplaying Game About Consequences
Gareth H. Graham, Rob Acton, Rodney Sloan

KARMA is a brand new story roleplaying game from Frenzy Kitty Games. The game is designed for 3-5 players and each session plays in about 2 hours. Additionally, there is no game master required - each player takes turns framing and directing scenes and having agency over the narrative.

KARMA features a brand new GM-less engine known as the KARMA system. In this system other players will get to add a complication to your scenes (thus keeping everyone engaged in every scene, even when their character is not present) and each player tracks their KARMA throughout the game, which will have an impact on how their finale plays out. It is a game where good and bad people get what they deserve... usually.

In KARMA, you and your friends will choose from a variety of story modules, each of which comes with its own set of unique characters, relationships and worldbuilding options. These modules are customized every time you play, so no two games will ever be the same.

The game requires zero preparation - all you need is the book, some character sheets and a handful of six-sided dice and you're ready to tell an amazing, engaging and dramatic story.

$18.00 Hardcopy, $10.00 PDF
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Tall Pines, A Surreal Murder Mystery Game
Miles Gaborit

A tragedy has befallen the sleepy mountain town of Tall Pines. One of its best and brightest -- a young local with a promising future -- has been killed. Murdered horribly in the prime of their youth. Together we will unravel the mystery of their death, discover what it means for our little town, and maybe even learn who committed the murder... but we may learn more than we ever wanted to know.

TALL PINES is a one-session, card-based tabletop story game where you'll discover, create, and explore a murder mystery set in a small mountain town. Three to six players will play through a tale in three acts, using the game cards to prompt exciting and enigmatic scenes, establish a shared language of surreal symbolism and metaphor, and reveal the secrets that the town and its people hide.

$10.00 PDF
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MADCAP: Screwball Cartoon Role-Play
Spencer Riedel, Storm Kwick, Norman Rafferty

MADCAP is the role-playing game where you and your friends become wacky characters in a cartoon show that you create!

  • Simple rules that feed the fires of your fevered imagination. Choose a playbook, such as the know-it-all Smartypants, the devious Trickster, the meta-satirical Self-Aware, and the proverbial more!
  • Gimmicks to customize your character for any role, such as the beleaguered small-town sheriff, the hapless red-shirted space explorer, the incompetent wizard. Change options more frequently than you change underwear!
  • Amuse yourself as you build on your each other's jokes, stack up the laughs, and (maybe) take a few lumps when your hare-brained schemes blow up in your face.
  • Sample adventures and campaigns to get you started! Bum around some two-bit tinsel-town while you wait for your next break! Run through dark hallways while spooks chase after you! Or blunder into another franchise and take it down a peg with your smug self-awareness.
  • Look at pictures drawn by animation professionals, all full color and all modeled after the characters that you create
  • Make up your own stories as you come up with all new stuff, or copy from your favorite shows. We won't tell if you don't!

Don't just let everyone else laugh at you -- make a game out of it! And when you play MADCAP, you're all winners!

$32.00 Hardcopy, $13.97 PDF
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Sixty Mile Sky
Benjamin Arndt

Sixty Mile Sky is a game designed to create unique problems, provide players with interesting, story-based tools, all while revolving around a story-driven narrative. This table-top RPG is designed to create both gritty, street level mysteries, and cascading space opera. Pilot giant robots, fast talk your way through dangerous markets, use powers that few understand, and even less control.

$35.00 Hardcopy, $15.00 PDF
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Lion & Dragon

Lion & Dragon is a Medieval Authentic OSR game. Until now, you only thought you were playing "medieval fantasy"!

With Lion & Dragon, the rules of the original tabletop RPG have been adapted to create a more historically authentic medieval experience, to reflect the grittier and yet more mythic world of a magical medieval Europe.

L&D includes new rules governing social class and materials on culture to help a GM craft a world that feels closer to the world of the 100-years war or the War of the Roses. It has a grittier and more dangerous feel to reflect the cheapness of life at the time. Also included are sections on medieval economics, law & justice, and chapters with monsters and magical items based on authentic medieval legends. Finally, a completely revamped magic system is based on actual grimoire-magic as the medieval magicians really envisioned it.

From the creator of Dark Albion, Lion & Dragon will have you discovering real medieval fantasy for the very first time.

(Publisher's note : Lion & Dragon is a complete OSR game in itself. However, even if you prefer to stick with traditional fantasy RPGs featuring dwarves, elves, spellcasters, and the like, L&D can still provide a lot of options that will help you give much flavor to a more usual campain world. For example, the sections on alchemy, herbal medicines, poisons, or law & justice, could be imported in any other fantasy game.)

$15.81 Softcover, $9.50 PDF
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Kevin Kulp, John Adamus, Heather Albano, Kennon Bauman, Matthew Breen, Dave Chalker, Kenneth Hite, Christopher Lackey, Cindy Maka, Belton Myers, Michael Rees, Corey Reid, Paul Stefko, Jeff Yaus


History isn't written by the victors. It's written by the people with the time machines.

"Well, that doesn't look right." All around you are the abandoned ruins of medieval Paris, with a hundred thousand rotted skulls piled up in a mountain. Your partner draws her pistol and checks the historical record on her holographic tether. "Looks like the Khan didn't die of alcoholism, and his hordes didn't stop at Vienna," she says.

"Then we'd better find whoever decided to save his life." You punch in the coordinates for Karakorum in the year 1241, and fire up the time machine. As you disappear from the 13th century, you silently hope that it isn't the roaches again...

In the TimeWatch RPG, your band of TimeWatch agents defend the timestream from radioactive cockroaches, psychic velociraptors, and human meddlers. Go back in time to help yourself in a fight, thwart your foes by targeting their ancestors, or gain a vital clue by checking a scroll out from the Library of Alexandria. But watch out for paradoxes that may erase you from existence... or worse.

If you've ever dreamed of going on world-changing adventures from the age of the dinosaurs to the end of the universe, the TimeWatch RPG is for you! The game includes:

  • Rules for thrilling time chases, combat in every era, and the dangers of paradox, powered by the GUMSHOE investigative system.
  • Extensive GM advice for creating and running games where PCs can travel anywhere, anywhen.
  • Fourteen settings where you can face Mythos horrors, slide between alternate universes, steal the treasures of the ages, and more.
  • More than a dozen ready-to-play time seeds, iconic pregenerated characters, and three full adventures.
  • Plenty of options, so you can easily customize the game to match your group's preferred style of play.

You've got a time machine, high-powered weaponry and a whole lot of history to save.

Welcome to TimeWatch!

$15.90 PDF
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City of Mist
Amít Moshe

In this comic-book film-noir RPG, you will play ordinary individuals with legendary powers and hit the streets of a haunted modern-day city in search for answers. With a simple but powerful narrative game system and unique character motivation and evolution mechanics, City of Mist will let you experience just what happens when everyday life on the streets awakens to unfathomable mythical forces from within.

City of Mist is a role-playing game of film-noir investigation and super-powered action. It is set in a modern metropolis rife with crime, conspiracies, and mysteries. The protagonists are Gateways, ordinary people who became the living embodiment of a legend, their Mythos. While your Gateways may seek to strike a balance between the mysterious nature of their Mythos and their mortal aspirations, the powers within them always threaten to tear their lives apart. They have unwittingly become a part of a secret world of clashing stories, and soon other legends will come looking for them with demands.

City of Mist is based on the story-driven Apocalypse Engine, but it takes a step further into narrative gaming by introducing several new features:

  • Rich character motivations built around compelling Mysteries and Identities. Follow your characters' themes to gain their benefits and evolve them or go against them to discover new aspects with a unique non-linear character evolution system.
  • Know no limits for powers, abilities, traits, gear, or allies. Everything in City of Mist is described by free text tags, so you can create exactly the character you want.
  • Full-on narrative engine, with an edge. Every action you take in the game is based on the interpretation of your tags, using moves to deliver dramatic outcomes that drive the story forward.
  • Status spectrums, a new system of 'narrative damage.' You can use descriptors to create any imaginable setback or advantage so that every action in the fiction, in and out of combat, can have lasting gameplay implications.
$59.95 Hardcopy, $24.90 PDF
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Threadbare RPG
Stephanie Bryant

With careful stitches and meticulous work, a ragdoll carefully sews back a torn limb on a panda who is crying out his troubles (girl troubles... isn't it always a girl?) while he sips from a daintily painted teacup filled with brandy.

In another room in the shoebox house she calls home, the ragdoll's other patients wait patiently for her craft. A Mekka bulldozer, metal with chipping yellow paint, is missing his front left wheel. He holds a vinyl doll's head, waiting for it to be glued into the empty wheel well. It won't roll quite the same, he knows, but he can live with the handicap until he scavenges a better part.

The ragdoll finishes with her panda patient and wishes him a cheery farewell, tucking his payment (2 buttons and a tiny watch gear) into her skirt pocket. She quickly schools her face to hide her sly, greedy smile when she steps across the threshold to the waiting bulldozer. His repair is going to need glue, and glue is a costly resource, my friend...

Threadbare RPG is a role-playing game in which you play a jury-rigged toy in a broken world. Caught in a world where Entropy is a constant danger, you'll patch yourself up, invent new devices, and maybe make new friends along the way.

Threadbare is a Powered-by-the-Apocalypse role-playing game by Stephanie Bryant. You'll need two 6-sided dice and a group of 2-5 friends to play.

$15.00 Hardcopy, $9.00 PDF
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Hearts Blazing
Glenn Given, Meg McGinley, Daniel Brian

Hearts Blazing is a casual storygame for 3 to 5 players who have a love of episodic fiction and about 1 to 2 hours. After generating a fiction setting together, players take on the roles of dynamic but recognizable spec-fic archetypes.

Drawing episode frameworks from a plotline deck, players collaboratively create an episodic epic of conflict and romance. By bidding clichés on each episode they capture keywords associated with their hidden motivations and compete to see who has final say on the fate of their story.

$20.00 PDF
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Pigsmoke: A Roleplaying Game of Sorcerous Academia
Chris Longhurst

Step into the shoes of the faculty of Pigsmoke School of Sorcery, America's finest learning institution for the magically gifted. Teach classes, publish research, and try to navigate the cutthroat world of academia when the demons are real, the auditors are constructs of pure order, and imposter syndrome might just mean you're a doppelganger.

Students exist to make your life difficult. Your department head is an arch-conservative taskmaster who leans on you to make their department look good. The Dean's Office wants to ensure you're following all of their ridiculous rules. The bursar won't give you any money, your peers want their names ahead of yours on your latest paper, and your personal life is a garbage fire. Chase tenure, avoid burnout, and try to resist the urge to go adventuring: like all get-rich-quick schemes, it'll probably just end with a humiliating death.

$28.79 Hardcopy, $10.47 PDF
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Alas for the Awful Sea
Hayley Gordon, Vee Hendro

Alas for the Awful Sea is a story-focused tabletop roleplaying game about a ship's crew navigating the remote British Isles. There, they face a world consumed with suspicion, sadness, and desperation.

Struggles for power have deadly consequences; mysterious disappearances plague the region; and those who seem human may not all be so. Amidst all this, the sea sends forth strange messages. Will you be the one to listen?

$24.00 Hardcopy, $16.00 PDF
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Gareth H. Graham

DUSK is a rules-light, post-apocalyptic roleplaying game and setting in which the characters are the survivors of some cataclysmic event. It has been so long since the end of the world that nobody can even remember how or why it happened.

Some say it was a massive thermonuclear world war, while others believe it was some form of epidemic which spread uncontrollably - in all likelihood, it was probably a combination of lots of different factors that led to the eventual downfall of civilization as we know it, not that any of that matters now.

All the inhabitants of DUSK know is that the wastelands are a harsh, unforgiving place, where if you aren't careful, the environment or another survivor will almost certainly mean the end for you.

This book contains everything you need to play, including all the rules for character creation, game mastering as well as a full campaign setting and bestiary.

$15.00 Hardcopy, $2.62 PDF
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Niko Carcosa, Antony Copeland, Tod Davies, Tod Foley, DeAnna Knippling, SL Koch, Shariann Lewitt, Adrian McCauley, T Reynolds

Imagine the World in 100 Years.

Nine authors collaborated to envision a "Smart City" of the first world 100 years in the future, exploring trends like ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, biotech, anti-aging and green technologies - alongside corporate governance and social upheaval. "UbiquiCity" is a work of interwoven fiction that might turn out to be very real.

Enter the Augmented Future.

It is the dawn of the 22nd century, and in the sprawling metropolis known as "UbiquiCity," the most wealthy and powerful districts possess all the latest in smart technology, with every building, device and control system connected via the Internet Of Things.

The world is augmented and identity is fluid. Satellite-guided cars drive themselves. Busy drones fill the skies. Cloud-assisted bots perform once-human jobs. Appliances, vehicles, buildings, media devices, products, streetlights, roadsigns and even toilets communicate electronically, all under the watchful eye of the AI CitySystem. For the inhabitants of the UbiComp zones, life is sweet.

But not everyone in the city is so blessed.

Where is technology taking us? Who will we be when we get there? Short stories by Niko Carcosa, Antony Copeland, Tod Davies, Tod Foley, DeAnna Knippling, SL Koch, Shariann Lewitt, Adrian McCauley, and T Reynolds paint a picture of a realistic future city where ubiquitous computing is the source of world-changing innovation, renovation and social disruption.

$11.99 Hardcopy, $5.24 PDF
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Dusk City Outlaws
Rodney Thompson

Dusk City Outlaws is a tabletop roleplaying game for 3-6 players, set in the sprawling city of New Dunhaven. In this game, the players take on the roles of criminals on the wrong side of the law, collectively known as the Right Kind of People to those who run in outlaw circles. These criminals come together to form a crew, and take on a Job, a criminal enterprise brokered to them by a third party.

Each member of the crew is a member of one of the eight cartels that rule over the city's criminal underworld. These cartels each have their own turf, their own specialties, their own motives, and their own methods, but they are all bound together by the Arrangement, an agreement that the cartels entered into to preserve themselves against too much infighting. In short, the cartels agree that they have enough enemies without warring with one another, and that they all want the same thing: to get rich. The cartels agree to respect each others' turf, and while some bickering and fighting is allowed, large-scale conflict is forbidden, and revenge is frowned upon.

To maintain this peace, when someone from the cartels has a Job they want done, they call upon the crew, which has members from several cartels, to pull off the Job. Each cartel gets a cut of the take from that Job, and the crew gains some wealth, prestige, and influence, plus the promise of future Jobs from those brokers.

Once the Job has been assigned, the crew must come up with a plan, do the legwork to set it into motion, pull off the plan, and then survive long enough to get paid.

An Off-The-Shelf Game

Lacking a quorum from your usual game group and don't want to play a session of your usual campaign? Having an impromptu game night and wanting to play a roleplaying game? At a convention and looking to fill an evening with friends? Dusk City Outlaws is designed to be played with minimal preparation. Once all of the players know the rules of the game, you can start playing a scenario with brand-new characters in a matter of minutes. Character creation is fast and easy, and the game comes with ten fully designed scenarios and rules for introducing challenges and antagonists on the fly to eliminate the need for lots of before-the-session prep work.

Urban Sandbox on a Massive Scale

In Dusk City Outlaws, there is no "right" way to handle the Job. The members of the crew formulate their own plan and put it into motion however they like; the Judge does not need to plan out plot twists and a complete narrative arc, only react to the actions of the players. New Dunhaven itself is a massive urban environment on the scale of modern-day New York City, giving the players nearly limitless freedom for the scope and details of their plan. Dusk City Outlaws uses sandbox play, accompanied by robust systems to help the Judge improvise, to give players ultimate freedom and eliminate the need for lengthy scenarios.

$74.99 Hardcopy
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The Watch
Anna Kreider, Andrew Medeiros

The Watch is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a "light fantasy" setting known as The Clanlands. It takes place during a dark and horrific war between the now-united ten clans who live there and an invading force, known only as The Shadow.

The Shadow is a powerful and insidious enemy that is able to enter the minds of its opponents and slowly turn them to its side; twisting them into unnatural foes. For reasons unknown, The Shadow is able to more easily influence the minds of men, and has turned a great deal of the clan's soldiers against itself.

With most of its fighting force crippled or worse, the clans have joined together and begun enlisting new warriors to defend their homes. Women and non-binary femme people who seem better able to resist The Shadow's hold have been recruited, trained, promoted, and formed into a new order: The Watch.

In The Watch, you'll play a group of elite soldiers who are called upon time and time again to defend villages, attack The Shadow's forces at key locations, scout the enemy's lines, and much more. Each mission comes with its fair share of costs and compromises and you'll need to navigate them in order to be ready to heed the next call to action.

It's in these in-between moments where the rules for The Watch focus themselves: What do you do to unwind from the pressure that threatens to pull you down? Who do you spend what little free time you have with, and why? How will you hold off The Shadow's influence so that you can see the end of this war? That's what you'll have to find out for yourself...

$7.50 PDF
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Three Dooms
Michael Sands

Prepare to tell the story of a newly founded neolithic town.

You will create the notable people of the community, and play out major events as they happen. You'll have the chance to discover secrets, build up your town's resilience, and deal with problems that arise.

But three dooms have been predicted for your town!

Will your community survive? It's up to you.

Three Dooms has the players take turns as the Oracle, who interprets an event and guides play as the event card is resolved. The map of the town and surrounds, history, and lineages of significant people will be created as you play. The simple conflict resolution system uses several six-sided dice.

$14.99 Hardcopy, $3.74 PDF
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Blade Bind
Craig Judd

Blade Bind is a storygame of sword-powered tragedy. Become one of the Chosen, wield an ancient supernatural Blade, and fight to secure your goals while struggling to maintain control!

Blade Bind is GMless, designed for one-shots, and uses a pack of regular playing cards to resolve duels using a system inspired by real-world swordfighting experience.

Also included in this product package:

  • Printer-friendly version of the rulebook (B&W, 34 pages, Letter-size)
  • Print-and-play Blade reference cards and custom playing cards
  • Separate record sheet
$19.99 Hardcopy, $5.96 PDF
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Print the Legend
Lance Hawvermale

In PRINT THE LEGEND, players assume the role of characters in the year 1866, being guided through a series of scrapes, gunfights, and escapades by the gamemaster, or GM. The setting is historical; the action is not. It's up to you to tame the New Mexico Territory through any means necessary: driving cattle, defending homesteads, digging graves, robbing banks, catching outlaws, or making a stand against an Indian charge.

As part of a team of roleplayers, you'll take turns describing your character's actions, making skill checks, and facing the consequences of your actions. Your choices define you: will you waylay stagecoaches and lead a life of excitement and crime, or will you seek to bring those bandits to justice?

The game requires the use of a set of standard polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20). A deck of playing cards is optional.

PRINT THE LEGEND is a unique and gritty entry into the sub-genre of Western RPGs:

  • covers every aspect of life in the West while avoiding unnecessarily complex rules.
  • historically rooted in the postbellum Southwest of 1866.
  • features a skill-based experience system using percentile dice (2d10 or 1d100)
  • highlights the lethality of combat and the derring-do of the men and women who defined the American Myth.
$13.00 Hardcopy, $5.25 PDF
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Ben Robbins

We sit down and pick the "slay the dragon" quest, but decide to switch things up a little: Instead of a dragon, we're trying to slay a cat. Because we're mice.

In our first challenge, we try to raise a mouse army to face the cat head-on, but more and more of our would-be recruits are overcome with fear and sneak away. Now for our second challenge we decide to lure the cat into a trap, but it's all going badly. We're scattered across the farmyard, unsure of what to do next, when we hear a foreboding yowl. The cat is loose.

It's time to see if we succeed or fail. We gather the stones, hold our breath, and get ready to draw...

Follow is a game where you sit down with your friends and play characters working together to achieve a common goal: your quest.

The quest you pick decides the kind of game you'll play. You could start a rebellion, cure a disease, slay a dragon (or a cat), or get your candidate elected. If it's something people can work together to accomplish, it could be a quest.

Will your characters stay united or will their differences tear them apart? Will they triumph or will their hopes go up in flames?

Follow is designed to be a reliable tool in your arsenal, a game you can whip out and play at a moment's notice. I designed it because it's the game I wanted to have in my bag when I showed up to play, something I could play over and over again with a whole range of people.

Follow is also designed to be easy to learn and easy to play. It has no game master and nothing to prepare. All the steps are clearly and carefully laid out so, even if you've never seen a role-playing game before, if you have some people and some time, you're ready to play.

$24.99 Hardcopy, $9.99 PDF
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