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This Year's Registered Supplements

This page will be updated once a week (usually on the weekend) with the latest registered supplements submitted that week.

In order of submission:

Adventure Companion
Alex Flagg, Scott Gearin, and Mark Newman

Every Hero Needs a Good Companion

Frodo had Sam and Conan had Subotai, but neither of them had this ultimate companion. Whether you're battling demons in the harsh and savage land of Epoch, exploring the mysterious ruins and rivers of Sunchaser, engaged in high stakes fantasy intrigue and espionage in Cloak & Dagger, or just looking for some new ways to shine in any world you visit, consider this invaluable tome your guide to victory.

Find Your Hero's Path

  • Three fully detailed campaign worlds
  • 12 Base, Expert, and Master Classes
  • Over 150 Specialties, feats, tricks, and Paths
  • A universe of gaming possibilities!

The Adventure Companion is an essential addition to every player and GM's Fantasy Craft library, offering all the tools, tricks, and talent to face down whatever the opposition throws at you - and come out on top.

$14.99 PDF
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Hot War Transmission
Malcolm Craig and Scott Dorward
The Hot War Transmission is a new, full colour, quarterly mini-supplement for the Hot War RPG. Each themed issue offers material designed to help and inspire your games. The Transmission will be available in both PDF and full colour print versions (available shortly).
£5.00 Hardcopy, $4.00 or FREE PDF
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B/X Companion - Fantasy Adventure Game
Jonathan Becker

The B/X Companion is a fantasy adventure game designed to supplement existing old school RPGs, especially those basic and expert games of Gygax and Arneson as edited by Moldvay, Cook, and Marsh. The game is not designed to stand alone, but is intended to add to existing games, providing the tools for high level adventures, including mighty spells and magic items and opponents fierce enough to challenge even the strongest warlord or wizard. 64 pages make the game a handy reference at any Old School gaming table, including extended combat and save matrices, rules for unarmed and mass combat, ideas on expanding your game universe and cosmology, as well as information on how to rule your dominion. These rules are NOT a retro-clone of any existing game, but rather a re-imagining of a supplement that never was, designed to complete earlier rule sets and provide a springboard to even greater adventure!

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Agency Resource Guide: A Terror Network Guide Book
Brendan Davis, William Butler, Reuben Hinman

Expand your Terror Network game-play with the Agency Resource Guide. Compatible with the network system, but handy for any game featuring counter-terrorism action, this is the perfect book for gamers looking to add another level of realism to their game. The Agency Resource Guide delivers critical background details on investigations, agencies, security clearances and more.


Dozens of new equipment entries
A clear breakdown of government departments and agencies
An overview of security clearances
Counter Terrorism investigations
Entries on foreign Counter Terrorism agencies
Updated Agency Mandates

$19.99 Hardcopy, $5.99 PDF
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Audhüm: The Southern Reach of Vanier
Chris Organ

Audhüm is a land that has just entered the Iron Age, whose races are founding the first great civilizations. Written language for the race of men is less than 300 years old. This is the dawn of history. There are no elder cultures that possessed powerful technology or lore. The are no elder organized cultures at all, just tribes and city states of humans who have only just discovered the most powerful invention since fire: complex social organization.

$18.00 Hardcopy, $10.00 PDF
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Blood Tales: More than you can Chew
James 'Grim' Desborough

A short adventure, written for Indiecon 2009, in which the characters are stranded upon a remote Scottish island where things are not as they seem. They soon begin to fall prey to an antique evil that has survived in this remote and inhospitable place for centuries...

$2.50 PDF
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