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There are so many quality Free RPGs on the Internet that, even though Free games are considered for the Indie Game of the Year Award, they really deserve their own category. This category honors the game designers who make their works of passion and then offer them for free. Note: If a Free game wins the main award and this Sub-Award, the runner up for this Sub-Award is chosen instead.

THE Best Free Game FOR 2011 IS...

Anima Prime: Steambots and Megaswords by Christian Griffen / with 49 points

This looked pretty good too...

Even better with the new cards.

This sub-genre is notoriously hard to bring to tabletop, but I think AP:SM gets as close as is humanly possible.



Void Vultures by Josh Roby / with 33 points

I liked the looks of this one.

Solid, fast, guaranteed to please.

Beloved by Ben Lehman / with 29 points

I know the author.

Simple and enjoyable. Beloved blurs the lines between games, art and self-reflection.

A solo adventure that takes you down pathways in your soul. Best inspiration from Mario's "the princess is in another castle" ever.

The Trouble with Rose by Todd Zircher / with 12 points